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Become a Partner

Step 1: Find your Sponsor


Each partner should have a Sponsor - the person who will be his/her mentor and partner in operating their FM GROUP business. You need to choose your sponsor at the initial stage of signing a Partnership Agreement with FM GROUP.

If you do not know any FM GROUP Business Partners or Distributors, you can contact the office: +385 (0)42 781 552 and you will assisted in finding a suitable Sponsor.

Before choosing the Sponsor, you should carefully consider your decision, because you can not change your Sponsor. For online registrations, if you do not fill in the data fields of the Sponsor, a Sponsor you will be assigned automatically.


Step 2: Register


You can register in 2 simple ways:


If you know a FM GROUP  Business Partner (Distributor), the most convenient way to register is to ask him/her to provide you with the Partnership Agreement form. The same Business Partner can be your sponsor or the Referring sponsor (if your structure is directly under another Business Partner).

To speed up the registration process, you can send a scanned Partnership Agreement form to the FM GROUP office via electronic mail to the following address: or by fax: +385 (0)42 781 529.

You can also quickly and easily register on-line via our website. To complete the online registration you will need to know your Sponsors distributor ID number. When you sign up as a new Business Partner you will be emailed an activation link and a temporary password and login. This is sent to the email address supplied by you in your Partnership Agreement form. When you log in for the first time you will need to change your temporary password to one of your choice. The username and password are required to place orders in the FM GROUP’s Online Shop and to access the Partner’s (Distributor’s) Zone.

Registering by fax or via e-mail does is not finalised until the person who wants to register clicks on the activation link sent to the e-mail address specified by them in the Application Form.


Step 3: Buy a Starter Kit


The Starter Kit is the basic tool of any Partner. Along with samples of the FM fragrances by Federico Mahora you will receive catalogues and other necessary materials.

Buying a Starter Kit is not required for Recipients (Preferred Customers), or people who just want to buy products for their own needs. If you decide on the status of Recipient, be sure to mark “Yes” in step 6 in Partnership Agreement. Recipient status can change at any time, on the status that allows building sales structures.

The Starter Kit can purchased in one of three ways:

1 At the moment of signing the contract, your sponsor may offer you a Starter to purchase.

2 If the sponsor does not have a Starter, place an order for a Starter Kit with the office. You can read about the details of making an order and delivery costs here.

3 If you register online, you will be automatically directed to the FM Online Shop where you can buy you’re the Starter of your choice.


Step 4: Deliver the Business Partnership Agreement to FM GROUP


If you have registered by sending a contract by fax or e-mail and you did not click on the activation link, you have 30 days from the date of registration to do so or to deliver a copy of the original form to the office. During this time, you are a Conditional FM GROUP Partner, it means that you have the right to buy FM GROUP products and sponsor new members, but until the registration is finalised, you cannot withdraw commissions, even in the form of rebates.

The Partnership Agreement must be completed legibly, to ensure the correct enrollment of new Partners into the system. Original form, hand signed, should be sent back to the FM Office: Rudolfa Rajtera 4, 42240 Ivanec.

Entrepreneurs and institutions with such status should, along with Contract, send additional documentation.

Individuals and institutions interested in obtaining the status of Recipients, should mention this in the relevant box in the Partnership Agreement (in Section 6 of the Agreement, “Yes " should be selected).

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